The TonyG 0.25BTC Bounty Bike Ride

Tony G Bike Ride and NoMercy Shooting Star Results

Yet another weekend is in the books and with it, the results from Tony G Bike Ride and NoMercy Shooting Star. Both events saw plenty of action and big payouts. The NoMercy event almost reached doubled the guaranteed prize pool of 250,000 CHP with a total of 475,000 CHP.

Shared bounty in Shooting Star

The 0.1 BTC bounty in the Shooting Star event was shared by two players, having called down Isabelle “NoMercy” Merciers all-in. Isabelle held KQ and was up against 7-5 held by Gulbis and 9-5 held by assassin. With a 5 on the board, they managed to knock Isabelle out in 8th place, thus sharing the bounty between them.

Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier knockout in Shooting Star tournament
NoMercy Knockout

RisingSunXX and sk0ln13x would be the last two players left battling it out for the first prize where RisingSun came out as victorious. This was indeed an impressive result, especially since RisingSun also made it into the money in the Bike Ride event earlier during the day, finishing 4th for 100,000 CHP.

Double winner in the Bike Ride

In the Bike Ride event, we saw Tony G yet again play a heads-up match for the first prize and defending his bounty. His opponent, T800, would be the one that walked away with both the first prize of 300,000 CHP and the 0.25 BTC bounty. Watch the heads-up action here below

The Bike Ride Results

PlaceNamePrize Money (CHP)

Shooting Star results

PlaceNamePrize Money (CHP)
4 gulbis 46,550
7silencevector 25,602
8NoMercy 20,947

Satellites running

Satellites for both events are already up and running. Buy-in to them starts from only 100 CHP, making it well worth a shot, especially as there are 4 seats guaranteed in each satellite

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