Weekly Leaderboards Are Being Boosted!

Our popular weekly Galactic Grinders Leaderboards are getting a massive boost and upgrade.

We are more than doubling the total prize pool for our Tournaments Leaderboard. The total weekly prize pool will increase from $870 to over $1,800. In addition to this we have launched a new tournament schedule with more tournaments, higher guarantees, more freerolls and more special events!

The weekly No Limit Hold Em leaderboard will now award over $3,200 every week in rewards. That is almost a 200% increase!

The Omaha leaderboard gets the same increase and will also reward over $3,200 in rewards weekly.

There will be 50 winners on each of these leaderboards and the same player can participate in several leaderboards. Make sure to get a place on the leaderboards, because we will reward all players on it with some extra surprise rewards from time to time!

All these changes take effect on Monday, January 24 and the full prize list for all leaderboards will be posted here on Monday.

How To Earn Points:

MTT leaderboard points are calculated based on buy-ins, the number of participants, and the place taken.
Cash game leaderboard points are scored according to the number of big blinds paid in rake. Our system allows players at all stakes to compete for places on the leaderboard.
Leaderboard points for cash tables are calculated with coefficients depending on the stakes at the table. The coefficients, which are based on the number of big blinds completed in rake by each player, varies between stakes for No-Limit Texas Hold’Em and Omaha as shown below. We have updated the coefficients based on player feedback and analysis of our games.

  • NL2: 1 point each big blind collected in Community Contributions (CC)
  • NL5: 2 points for each big blind
  • NL10: 3.5 points for each big blind
  • NL25: 8 points for each big blind
  • NL50: 12 points for each big blind
  • NL100: 18 points for each big blind
  • NL200+: 24 points for each big blind
  • Community Contributions paid in CHP reward 50% more leaderboard points.

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