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What does “gg” mean and other poker acronyms. Cheat sheet and list included.

“Gg og” – a message pops up in your poker chat and you don’t understand at least half of it?

How do you respond? Easy to get lost in a conversation, if you don’t know that “gg” means “good game” and someone calling you an “og” a.k.a “original gangster” is a true compliment (if it’s not sarcasm, of course).

To be fully engaged and aware of what’s going on in the game you must understand poker terminology and acronyms. In this post we’ll cover the latter and hopefully this will help you blend into the poker chat society.

We’ve divided these acronyms to two major categories – game related and general chat language.

To begin with, poker apps might have game types shortened like “PLO” which means “pot limit Omaha” or “NLHE” – “No limit Hold’em”. You’ll also find something to describe tournaments. For example “HU” stands for “heads up”, “MTT” is “multi table tournament”, “SnG” means “sit and go”.

Poker game process related acronyms are not too difficult to decipher if you know poker terminology in general. Most common would be “big blinds” or “BB”, “small blinds” as “SB”, “FTA” is “first to act” (after the BB). “PF” – “pre-flop”, “PFR” means “pre-flop raise” and so on.

When the conversation turns to personal player traits or game style, you might see “LAG” or “TAG” come up –  “loose aggressive” and “tight aggressive”. We have elaborated on poker playing styles here, you should definitely dig deeper if you’re interested.

“RNG” is a “random number generator”. A very important thing to understand, if you want to make sure poker game online is not fraudulent and you are in a good place to play. If you wish to learn more, here’s a simple and basic explanation about our new, decentralized random number generation software.

General chat language

For your pleasure we’ve cherry picked a few most common acronyms found in poker chats:

  • “Wp” stands for “well-played” and is used both, sarcastically and seriously.
  • “OG”, as already mentioned, is “original gangster”. This acronym has a historical background and its origins lie in gang culture. Nowadays, it describes someone exceptionally good and/or old-school at something and it’s mostly used in a positive context.
  • “FTW” expresses enthusiasm – “for the win!”.
  • “G2G” means “good to go” and is often used when the game begins or at the very end when you leave the table with a fortune in your wallet.
  • “NH”, that is “nice hand”, which sometimes has a pinch of bitterness behind it, especially if you’ve just collected someones chips.

Oh, and if you ever stumble upon “kkkk” in poker chat, don’t assume someone has 4 Kings in hand and is bragging about it. There’s a chance it’s just some Brazilian player saying “lol”.

List with a few more acronyms:

AIall inMPmiddle position
ATCany two cardsMTTmulti-table tournament
B/Fbet and foldNHnice hand
BBbig blindsNLno limit
CRcheck-raiseOGoriginal gangster
DoNdouble or nothingOPPopponent
EPearly positionPFpre-flop
FLfixed limitPFRpre-flop raise
FTfinal tablePLpot limit
FTAfirst to actPSBpot-sized bet
FTWfor the winPSRpot-sized raise
G2Ggood to goRArebuy/addon
GBgood betRNGrandom number generator
GCgood callSnGSit and go table
GGgood gameSBsmall blinds
GLgood luckSCsuited connectors. Hands like 34 suited.
HEHold’emSTTsingle table tournament
HHhand historyTAGtight aggressive player
HUheads upTP/TKtop pair/top kicker
HUDheads up displayUTGunder the gun or first to act
LAGloose aggressive playerWPwell played
LPlate positionWTGway to go

We promised you a cheat sheet and we deliver.

The list could go on, because there are many more of these that players use. However, some are not appropriate, some we just skipped. But in case you know and and like using other acronyms, please share it in the comments below. We are really curious!

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