What is CoinPoker?

Looking for a poker room to play at?

CoinPoker is a crypto-based poker room created by players for players. Our main objective is to build a poker platform where players of all skill levels can find a home. 

We want you to have fun instead of being eaten by professionals equipped with various 3rd party software. It’s not a secret that things like that consume your bankroll faster than you can deposit. 

Here at Coinpoker we highly respect and value our players. Give us a try!

Instant deposits/withdrawals

While our games run solely on USDT, crypto currency with a pegged value to USD, you can withdraw your balance in BTC and ETH as well. 

For ETH and USDT the process is almost instant, while BTC transactions can take a few hours.

Lowest rake in the industry

At CoinPoker we do not take traditional rake. Instead we use our own unique version of it, which we call Community Contributions

There is a major difference between the two. Traditional poker rooms return only a very small part of the rake in game fees that you pay, whereas CoinPoker keeps nothing and uses all the fees to benefit the players. 

100% of community contributions is returned back to the players in various shapes and forms including but not limited to leaderboard race, MTT overlay, bad beat jackpot and much more! 

Community Contributions are set at 3% for cash games, 7% for MTTs, 2% for OFC and 5% for Cosmic Spins making it some of the fairest conditions you can find!

World class players

The man the myth the legend Isildur1, the lionheart of poker TonyG and last but not least, OFC world champion Isabelle „NoMercy“ Mercier! 

These top class players can be found playing not only at high stakes tables, but at smaller stakes as well, so that everyone can join for a once in a lifetime experience.

3,000 USDT weekly leaderboard

Since CoinPoker as well as crypto poker in general is still young we do not have a large player base. 

This makes it super easy even for casual players to be on the leaderboard every week. To make it even easier, we have different races for PLO cash, NLH cash and MTTs.

Bad Beat Jackpot

In our quest to make the game as fun as possible, we have started a Bad Beat Jackpot promotion for our cash game players. 

The main difference compared to similar promotions offered by other poker rooms is that chances to hit the BBJ at CoinPoker are much higher.

From now on, bad beat is just another form of winning!

Players from around the world

One of the biggest benefits of being a crypto based poker room is being available to players from around the world. 

Different cultures, mentalities and playing styles make the experience even more exciting. That being said, we encourage players to stay familiar with the laws of their countries to make sure online poker is allowed.

Decentralized RNG

One of the biggest fears recreational players have is that the cards are dealt in an unfair way. 

Our revolutionary decentralized RNG allows players to participate in the shuffling process and verify that the cards dealt were fair. 

Less doubts, more fun!

Referral system

We are here to celebrate poker and we are throwing a party! Don’t be greedy though, invite your friends and receive 30% of the fees that they pay. This is NOT a one time offer. As long as your friends keep on playing, your rewards will keep on piling up!

Have a question? Feel free to ask us anything in the comment section below or join our growing community on Telegram.

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