With Over 50,000 USDT to Be Won, Legal Blockchain Poker Site, CoinPoker Begins The Galactic Grinders Leaderboard Competition

Coinpoker, a blockchain poker site, announced a new promotion that will last for two weeks. From 18th to 24th April and from 25th April to the 1st of May, Coinpoker will reward their most active players by tripling the cash game leaderboard in addition to random prizes  for those who qualify for their weekly Top 50 leaderboard.

Since 2017, Coinpoker has established itself as a community-centric organization, thanks to its Community Contributions program which takes a small percentage from tournaments and cash games and returns all of it to the players through different promotions such as the Galactic Grinders Leaderboard.

The Galactic Grinders program provides prizes for the top 50 PLO and the top NLHE players every week. Now, the Coinpoker team decided to triple the usual rewards for two weeks.

This means that the prize pool for the top 50 on the PLO and NLHE tables will be 19,320 USDT. The best player in PLO cash games and the best player in NLHE cash games will receive 1800 USDT respectively each week. Moreover, the first 50 players all get a cash prize, plus a randomly drawn additional bonus of 10, 100, 250, or even 500 USDT. 

On the Galactic Grinders leaderboard, players are ranked based on several criteria. In general, Coinpoker rewards loyalty and boldness. One of the factors is the number of big blinds completed by the player, with the other factor being buy-in values. With more big blinds completed and larger buy-ins, players increase their chances of finishing high up on the leaderboard.

Furthermore, Coinpoker uses its own coin, CHP. Players are not obliged to use it, but it can bring many different benefits, which include earning more points for the Galactic Grinders competition. Players using CHP to pay their Community Contributions will obtain 50% more leaderboard points.

The reward program lasts until the 1st of May, so the time has almost run out for poker enthusiasts that wish to join. However, those who miss this time window, still have a chance to win prizes every week. Coinpoker normally provides a weekly prize fund of 6,440 USDT for cash games (PLO and NLHE) and 1,810 USDT for multi-table tournaments. All this is in line with their community-first policy.

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